Vibrant Vistas: A Multidimensional Journey Exploring the Treasures of Sacramento

Thumbnail image of "Vibrant Vistas," by artist Amber Witzke.

Vibrant Vistas: A Multidimensional Journey Exploring the Treasures of Sacramento

Vibrant Vistas: A Multidimensional Journey Exploring the Treasures of Sacramento

Location: Upper Level by Bergman Travel Shop

Amber Witzke proudly presents her latest work, “Vibrant Vistas: A Multidimensional Journey Exploring the Treasures of Sacramento,” a tribute to the city she cherishes and its wonderfully diverse communities. This mixed media project represents a dynamic fusion of traditional art and cutting-edge technology, creating an interactive, immersive experience that echoes the multi-faceted nature of Sacramento.

In “Vibrant Vistas,” Amber invites viewers to discover, reflect upon, and engage with the spirit of Sacramento. She utilizes bold patterns and colors to bring the mural to life. The reflective layers provide an interactive element, intertwining viewers’ reflections with the city’s landscape – a testament to the interconnectedness of the residents and the city they call home. This interactive surface subtly changes with the ambient lighting and viewer movement, symbolizing Sacramento’s dynamic nature and continuous growth.

Amber further steps into the modern age by incorporating an augmented reality (AR) component into the artwork. Accessible via a simple QR code scan, the AR experience offers an innovative and personalized exploration of Sacramento. This added dimension creates a captivating, immersive journey of discovery, encouraging viewers to share their experiences with the hashtag #sacvibrantvistas.

Amber is thrilled to showcase “Vibrant Vistas” at Arden Fair, sharing her love for Sacramento with a diverse range of its residents. As an artist in Sacramento, Amber feels a deep connection to the city and is privileged to have the opportunity to enrich it with her art. Through “Vibrant Vistas,” Amber hopes to inspire a sense of community, connection, and appreciation for the lively city of Sacramento. Join her in this unique exploration and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of this city we all call home.

About the Artist

Headshot of artist, Amber Witzke

Amber Witzke

Amber is a #gridgirl, dog mom, wife, music nerd, and she has the ability to accept anything the universe throws at her as long as it’s not a slow internet connection. Her artwork is powered by the belief that hope and positivity will always win. Amber believes the visual appeal of art, products, and advertising has power beyond an immediate impression. She tries to create things that endure. An everyday object can have a message that reinforces itself over time, so she strives to share messages about what she strongly believes in: girl power, animal rights, and her home: Sacramento. Amber’s work has been featured in Submerge, Sacramento Bee, Sactown, The Huffington Post, and more.

Instagram: @missamberw