Revolving Window Galleries

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Revolving Window Galleries

Artist Exhibits

June begins the Revolving Window Galleries, where local artists have the opportunity to curate and showcase their works in a storefront’s window display. The Revolving Window Galleries allow guests to experience various types of artwork and see the local talent we have in our city. Stop by today to check out our current exhibits! 


About the Artist

Close up photo of a female.

Denae Davis

Denae Davis is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sacramento, CA. Her work in the city over the past 10 years ranges from video installation, mixed media works on canvas and large scale abstract sculpture. Her early works include immersive installation, with digital media essays programmed through tube televisions with respective performative elements. Her current series in progress includes large abstract mixed media on wood and canvas with written word as texture and balance amongst a bright yet stark palette, this emotive work serves as a very therapeutic experience for voyeur and creator.

Instagram: @deconstructedframes

Location: Lower Floor, Storefront in Center Court

On View: June 16 – July 30, 2021

One & All / New Media Installation

One & All combines outdated objects and video to create a whimsical installation that is intended to bring viewers amusement or a breath of surreality for a moment of sensory escape. The film essay that casts onto the monolith sculpture aims to translate the journey inward and back outward that artist Denae Davis experienced during 2020: the Covid-19 global pandemic, and the massive protester turnouts in response to the deaths of Daunte Wright, Rayshard Brooks, Daniel Prude, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, Aura Rosser, Botham Jean, and Philando Castile.


Art installation made with VHS videos.

"One & All," art installation by Denae Davis.

Location: Lower Floor, Storefront in Center Court

On View: June 16 – July 30, 2021

Boozy Brancusi Jacuzzi / Sculpture + Furniture Design

Boozy Brancusi Jacuzzi is a sculptural singles party reaching into the gooey underbelly of commerce in our day, where human meets product and product becomes human.

Studio Tapa is a sculptural collaboration between Alexander Macdonald and Trent Dean. Together they create objects that inhabit a conversational space informed by their backgrounds in furniture, lighting and interior design. From deep inside the rabbit hole they investigate the utility of objects, the process of the made world and the repetition of collective histories.

Art installation featuring furniture and sculptures.

"Boozy Brancusi Jacuzzi," art installation by Trent Dean .

About the Artist

Young man wearing a beanie posing with his arms folded.

Trent Dean

Trent Dean’s work is inspired by the belief that great furniture is rooted in innovative design, excellent craftsmanship and a passion for simple living. His main areas of expertise are furniture design and fabrication, home accents and accessories, as well as custom residential and commercial installations.

Instagram: @trentdean



About the Artist

Close up photo of female with long dark hair.

Tess Gallagher

Tess Gallagher is a visual artist based in Northern California. She received her Bachelors of Art in Art Studio from California State University, Sacramento in 2014. Her creative practice is centered around the development of drawings that are further informed by her installation. Her gestures are
directly connected to the movements found in nature. She facilitates internal environments that further the potential of the external world. Through a process of discovery, she forms continuous lines in the landscape that become patterns of natural formations. Combined with physical
movements, instinct and intuition become visual documentations of her inner life. From the mountains east of Sacramento to the city itself, she is a part of both. Each piece explores feelings
of the unknown in relation to the landscape. The body is an instrument, a tool, a vessel and force.

Instagram: @tessgallagher

Location: Lower Floor, Between Brighton Collectibles and Apple Store 

On View: July 1 – August 30, 2021

Turbulence/ Mixed Media

Everyone carries a magnetic energy, a force of nature. Like magnets, we are connected with the Earth. When our surroundings are unsteady, it moves us. With that movement, energy is created. Waves of energy are gusts of wind your whole body can inhale. Turbulence is created by changes in the wind.

When viewing this installation, the intention for the viewer is to experience these feelings from the outside looking in, to foster the relationships we all have with the world around us.

Photo of an art installation featuring paper.

"Turbulence," art installation by Tess Gallagher.

Location: Lower Floor, Between XK Gifts and See’s Candies

On View: August 1- 31, 2021

Vision Board: Tranquility / Collage + Mixed Media

When times are hard and it’s difficult to imagine anything beyond your current problems, sometimes you just have to close your eyes and start picturing one thing that brings you peace. In one of Jill’s darkest times, she was able to imagine only a single, yellow flower. At first the flower was by itself, surrounded by darkness. She took a deep breath, focused, and allowed herself to think bigger. Before long that simple flower became an entire garden – flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds; a small bench in the middle of all this color with sun shining down on it. Warmth and beauty surrounding her, making her feel safe and hopeful.

Painting of flowers and butterflies

"Vision Board: Tranquility," art installation Jill Allyn Stafford.

About the Artist

Headshot of a woman in black and white.

Jill Allyn Stafford

Jill Allyn Stafford is a collage and mixed media artist based out of Sacramento, California. Jill’s experimentation with collage as an art form began as a way to fashion new stories from images she found in magazines and books. Taking them from one environment and throwing them into a new one has allowed Jill to express conflict, love, humor and loss. Jill currently creates work using not only found paper, but also photographs she’s taken, stamps, envelopes, and vintage papers from her family’s estate. She has also found a love in creating depth and multiple textures in each piece, utilizing crushed chalk pastels, tissue paper, newsprint, modeling paste extender, and pumice gel medium among other things. Jill believes strongly that her art should not only be viewed but touched.n’s work is inspired by the belief that great furniture is rooted in innovative design, excellent craftsmanship and a passion for simple living. His main areas of expertise are furniture design and fabrication, home accents and accessories, as well as custom residential and commercial installations.

Instagram: @jillallynstaffordcollage

About the Artist

Jeff Mayry

Jeff is a painter, and to this extent, he uses a variety of tools that are found, made, or bought. The work that Jeff makes is mixed media with collaged pieces of fabric and canvas that float on top of the paint. In other instances the collaged portions are pressed into the paint. As a ritual to get started without feeling the weight of over-thinking or analytical inhibitions, Jeff typically begins his paintings by establishing a pattern. He never really knows what something is going to look like or become when he begins. Because of this, Jeff considers the pattern a metaphorical leg to stand on. He gets his ideas from responding to his paintings. As a result, these patterns are quickly forgotten and left behind.

Instagram: @jeffmayry

Location: Upper Floor, Between Bergman Travel Shop and Kevin Jewelers

On View: August 4 – September 30, 2021

Untitled/ Acrylic

Jeff is drawn towards disarray of all kinds, so much so that during the creation of his work he finds himself simultaneously wallowing and rejoicing in his own confusion. It is in these moments of disarray and confusion that he feels he is able to find new life within his compositions. Jeff considers his imagery to be abstract thoughts. They are ideas that recall or bring back a connection, without developing material form.

All of the paintings in this installation were made at different times. In their original conceptions, each work was made to stand alone as a singular thing. However, when overlapped and combined, each piece becomes a part of an ontological timeline. It is Jeff’s hope that the viewer will look into this work and see their own reflection. Not in a physical sense, but internally, on a  primal level where existence is not concrete.

Multiple colorful paintings

"Untitled," art installation Jeff Mayry.

Location: Lower Floor, Between XK Gifts and See’s Candies

On View: August, 2021

Untitled / Sculpture

Interweaving art, design and research practices allows Dan to investigate material ecologies and applications that bridge communities between un-built and built environments. In 2015, Dan began augmenting greywater systems with irrigation tube sculptures to shift the dialogue in water reuse to broader audiences and to blur borders between art, agriculture, urban and rural.

An abstract sculpture

"Untitled," art installation Dan Tran.

About the Artist

Man posing in front of wall.

Dan Tran

Dan Tran is a trained architect, organic farmer and public servant. Dan is drawn to how rural/urban relations shape our climatic, cultural and ecological resilience.  

Instagram: @growetry

About the Artist

Black and white headshot of Colleen Craig.

Colleen Craig

Colleen Craig holds a Fine Arts Teaching Credential and a B.A in Fine Arts from CSUS. She has always identified as an artist, living and breathing creativity. Life to her is art. For her there is no other option than to create it fuels her entire being. Colleen has a diverse background in the arts, has taught Industrial Art & Fine arts at the high school level as well as a private art teacher. Colleen has faced much adversity in her life, surviving through homelessness and was kidnapped as a young child. Creating art was her tool to survive and has continued to be a vital part of her life. She wants to be there for other artists who come from challenging backgrounds and foster their creativity to make our world a more vibrant and loving place. 

Instagram: @colleenmcraigart

Location: Lower Floor, Between J.Crew and A|X Armani Exchange

On View: September 1 – September 30, 2021

Our Infinite Heart / Mixed Media, Acrylic, Sculpture

Our Infinite Heart represents the many transitions, stages and phases of our lives we all experience, such as birth, grief, loss, love and our current times of living through the global pandemic, Covid-19. Colleen hopes to inspire viewers of the power each of us holds within ourselves; that ultimately through self love, we not only can survive hard times, but we can grow from these dark times and be a light of love — for ourselves, others and future generations.

This piece is in memory of Alicia Relles (8/22/1976 – 8/9/2021) who is no longer with us, but will continue to live on through Colleen’s art.


Location: Lower Floor, Between J.Crew and A|X Armani Exchange

On View: September 1 – September 30, 2021

Media Diet / Plaster, Neon, Lights, Acrylic, Paper

Humans have an overload of media consumption being thrown at them from every angle, nearly 24 hours a day, every single day. While technology of course has its perks, it also has many downfalls. 

This piece is asking you to take a break from the overload of information forced down our throats every day and let your mind wander without being guided.

About the Artist

Headshot of artist Melissa Uroff

Melissa Uroff

Melissa Uroff is a California based artist and photographer. As a photographer, she works in alternative, historical and experimental processes including cyanotypes, gum printing, polaroid transfers, hand coloring and traditional darkroom techniques. She has a long love affair with mixing mediums in both 2-D and 3-D work. She often creates installations, works in printmaking, painting, drawing, electronic art, neon tube bending, collage, and assemblage. Melissa has several public art pieces on display throughout CA, which include large-scale murals along with free-standing art pieces. She currently has artwork traveling throughout China in a group show with the GoGoGallery.

Instagram: @melissauroff