Dance Performance

Photo of people dancing on a beach during sunset.

Dance Performance


Westlake School of Performing Arts – Located in Daly City, this school has received national recognition for multiple years at the New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts (NYCDA). They have placed 1st in many ballet and hip hop categories and also received the critics’ and judge’s choice awards.

Rize All Dance – Rize All was formed in 2014, founded by Dane San Pedro and Amanda Newsum. Knowing the positive effect that dance had on their lives, Dane and Amanda decided to offer programs that share the physical and self-development benefits of dance enrichment. Rize All also offers non-traditional performing arts, such as Martial Arts and various types of cultural dance styles. 

About the HOST

Picture of TwoSense

Alé is a local cinematographer, dancer, and poet. He collaborates with local musicians to create unique and original dance choreography and performance set to the musicians’ original scores.

Instagram: @twosense.ah