April 16 - April 30
Artwork featuring two hands holding on to each other.


Live Painting

April 16 - April 30 / upper floor near the elevator

As part of Arden Fair’s UnchARTed art program, artist Bryan Valenzuela will be live painting onsite daily and is asking for participants to help complete his piece! The artwork will be focused on the concept of dreams and we invite you to collaborate by submitting your answer to the follow prompt: What are your hopes or dreams for 2021? 

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The root of Bryan’s work is based on written words. Watch the light, shadow and shape of figures emerge from layers upon layers of text to create a stunning and intricate image. 

In almost all of his work, the narrative of the text is a mixture of impressionistic metaphor on the imagery taken from a self generated pre-written script and a stream of consciousness writing that takes cues from the script in an improvisatory way. 

Watch Bryan weave your words together to form a beautiful piece of collaborative art!


About the Artist

Bryan Valenzuela

Bryan Valenzuela 

For well over a decade, Northern California artist Bryan Valenzuela has been aiming to perfect a unique drawing technique involving the atomization of the figure by carving out shape, shadow and light with handwritten text. Paragraphs, sentences, phrases, and fragments act as both form and content. As form, the text delineates figures and subjects layer upon layer as shading. Words varying in size from the minuscule and unreadable, to large and bold are used in a manner similar to crosshatching.

Instagram: @bvalstudio

Web: bryanvalenzuela.com/