"Prismo" by artist Jose Di Gregorio.



Location: Lower Level by Champs Sports

On View: Mid February, 2024

Jose Di Gregorio is a renowned muralist, acclaimed for his celestial creations that masterfully blend chaos with order, transforming urban settings into visual spectacles. His deep connection to Sacramento, coupled with the vivid memories of his upbringing in nearby Woodland, fuels the captivating essence of his work, exemplified by his latest creation, Prismo.

Prismo is an embodiment of Di Gregorio’s vision, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary spectacles of color and geometric intrigue. This mural invites viewers into a kaleidoscopic world where questions like, “What Am I?” spark introspection and wonder. Through Prismo, Di Gregorio celebrates the power of art to transcend the mundane, offering a gateway to infinite possibilities.

The installation of Prismo in Arden Fair symbolizes not only a harmonious blend of past experiences and present creativity, but also his dedication to making art a tangible part of community spaces.

About the Artist

Headshot of artist Jose Di Gregorio

Jose Di Gregorio

Jose Di Gregorio is an interdisciplinary artist whose paintings and murals focus on intricate geometric patterns with a combination of vivid gradient colors and celestial nightscapes. The work depicts ethereal themes, and is often reminiscent of kaleidoscopes and visual tracers, fluctuating between order and chaos. Jose studied at Pont-Aven Contemporary Art School in Pont-Aven, France and received his BFA in painting from Herron School of Art and Design in 2006. He was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and lives in California.

Instagram: @josedigregorioart