Makers Day

Wicker basket filled with ceramic mugs, soap, hat, and gift cards.

Makers Day

Community Event

To highlight Sacramento’s talented maker community, Arden Fair hosted Makers Day, a one day event showcasing a diverse group of local makers ranging from holistic skin care to sculptural art pieces. Guests had the opportunity to learn about the makers’ artistry through product demonstrations. To further bring our community together, select Arden Fair retailers collaborated with the makers to host a pop-up in their stores. 

The event took place on Saturday, November 23rd from 11 AM to 5 PM near JCPenney

Highlight video of Makers Day.

Handmade Accessories

Photo of woven coasters created by Zapotec Sacred Weavings.

About the Maker

Two men explaining fabrication

Zapotec Sacred Weavings

A Father and Son duo, Zapotec Weavings creates hand woven Zapotec rugs that are passed down from generations.

Instagram: o_zweaver

About the Maker

Woman crafting wire design

Moth Bear

As a child, Diana dreamed of becoming a scientist or an artist, however, her love for art conquered. She was known by her teachers for being unorganized and often distracted. What brought her mind into focus was art. Specifically, wire sculpting. Diana’s love of wire sculpting came unexpectedly when she was assigned to create an original piece of art out of wire.

Instagram: @mothbear

Wire Designs

Photo of wire art by Moth Bear.

Magpie Alchemy Soaps

Photo of self care and wellness products handcrafted by Magpie Alchemy.

About the Maker

Woman making soap

Magpie Alchemy

Magpie Alchemy is a labor of love. They have a passion for science, art, and creating new things. Using the healing power of plants and natural products, Magpie Alchemy creates holistic self care products ranging from balms to bath bombs.

Instagram: @magpiealchemy


About the Maker

Women wearing jewelery

Disco Cloud Designs

Disco Cloud Designs is a brand promoting freedom of self expression, style and self empowerment. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by using precious metals (much of it recycled) and carefully hand picked minerals and gemstones by the artist, Yuki Cloud in California.

Instagram: @discoclouddesigns



Photo of handmade jewelry created by Disco Cloud Designs.

Small handmade plates

Photo of ceramic work created by Akela Hudson.

About the Maker

Woman making pottery

Akela Hudson

Akela of Akela Designs is an artist, writer and teacher combining nature, spirituality and creativity that she delivers in an approachable manner. She mainly works with clay, pen and ink and paint along with many other forms. Her workshops are intended to inspire everyone and anyone to connect to their own creativity, through her words and presence.

Instagram: akelahudson