Room with black light with signage of "FuturScope2045" and "Uncharted" featured.



Futurescape 2045 was a look into Sacramento’s future. As a city going through dramatic transformation and identity formation, Sacramento’s reputation as the most diverse city in the country places it in a unique position to evolve existing cultural mediums into something new. Taking place in the former Urban Outfitters location at Market Square, the space was turned into a small piece of Sacramento, showcasing the collaborative essence by bringing together musicians, artists, creators, and entrepreneurs alike. Guests were free to engage with the different activities, which included retro arcade games, popup shops, live performances and DJs, interactive elements such as curated photo booths, and projection mapping. 

Sponsors included Firewings and Pabst Blue Ribbon. 

Video recap of Futurescape 2045 taking place on January 19, 2020 in a vacant unit

Photo Gallery of images from the event.

About the organization

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Hella Good Company 

Hella Good Company is a multidisciplinary arts collective from Sacramento. Their team consists of creatives in the fields of music, entertainment, and design. They have curated various events in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events.

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