Sacramento Dreaming

Section of Sacramento Dreaming mural.

Sacramento Dreaming

Sacramento Dreaming Mural

Location: Lower Floor by Champs Sports

As an ode to Sacramento, iconic historical architecture and elements of nature are presented in abstract. Both elements are fused together and brought to life with projection mapping. 

The mural celebrates our city and shows appreciation for our community by using a color palette inspired by the Sacramento Kings and our natural landscape. 

The patterns represent different heritages that have contributed to the growth of our city.

Sustainability, for example, is emphasized through honey bees and pollination. Modern buildings, like the Ziggurat, displays inspiration that derives from ancient architecture, and goes beyond modern designs – a concept displaying creativity that can transcend time and space.

This piece is in collaboration with UpperCloud and Hidden Temple Media

About the Artist

Black and white photo of artist Irubiel Moreno.

Irubiel Moreno

Irubiel has always enjoyed note-taking, drawing and creating images. Like many, his journey to becoming a professional creative wasn’t linear. It started at an early age spending countless hours tracing over fonts from skate magazines and comic books, or recreating images and different lettering types from his collection of 90’s pogs. These early obsessions formed a road map of his future. ‍Before he took his leap into the world of freelance design, he spent many years painting and drawing — making a living creating public art and helping with designs from commercial to private commissions.

Instagram: @irubielll