Impromptu Joy

Impromptu Joy

Impromptu Joy

Location: Lower Level; Near Forever21

On View: November 3, 2023

Uli Smith is a visionary muralist renowned for her vibrant acrylic creations that transform ordinary spaces into whimsical wonderlands. Drawing inspiration from her Sacramento roots and the nostalgia of her 90s upbringing, Smith‘s work, like her latest work, Impromptu Joy, stands as a testament to the transformative and accessible power of art.

Impromptu Joy encapsulates Smith‘s vision of elevating the everyday into realms of radiant imagination. This mural at Arden Fair celebrates the sheer joy of color, dynamic abstraction, and the whimsy of spontaneous creation. Viewers are invited to step into this world, where every shade and shape encourages a return to uninhibited play and the restorative power of art.

Arden Fair, a cherished landmark from Smith‘s childhood, now bears the mark of her contemporary artistic expression. The presence of Impromptu Joy at Arden Fair represents not just a merging of past memories with present passions, but also Smith‘s unwavering commitment to making art accessible in community spaces.

In the bustling art scene of Sacramento, Smith has blossomed as a full-time muralist. Since 2022, her distinctive touch has graced over twenty murals from California to Washington, with standout pieces at locations like Ali Youssefi Square and Cerealism Cafe.

About the Artist

Headshot of artist Uli Smith.

Uli Smith

Uli Smith is a California-based visual artist and muralist, currently residing in Sacramento. Smith holds a Master of Public Health degree from the University of San Francisco and spent ten years working in public health before deciding to pursue her passion for art full-time. Drawing upon her public health background, Smith views art as a means to heal people and spaces and effect social change. Recognizing the transformative power that public art can have on the communities it serves, Smith began to focus on mural art in 2022 and has since painted fifteen murals throughout the Sacramento region. In addition to her mural work, Smith is a fine art painter. Her work is characterized by her use of vivid and bold colors, often inspired by the natural world. She uses her art as a reminder to protect and preserve our environment, and to reconnect with the natural world around us.

Instagram: @paintbyuli