Harmony Sound Wave

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Harmony Sound Wave

Harmony Sound Wave

Location: Lower floor by JCPenney

As part of our UnchARTed public arts program, we have a special two-for-one treat! Join us for a live performance by bassist and vocalist Casey Lipka near our newest installation, Harmony Sound Wave!

Live Performance Date: July 24, 2021 beginning at 1:00 pm

A composition of individual musical voices layered together to form a cohesive whole, Harmony Sound Wave is an interactive multi-media sculpture designed by Sunya Whitelight of Modabloom Studio, with sounds recorded by Casey Lipka This installation invites visitors to find harmony by interacting in a unique experience through their ears, body, and mind.

Harmony’s human value is in accordance with the feelings, emotions and actions of individuals. Harmony is a state of balance and beauty among forces influencing and at times, opposing each other. Experiencing inner peace and rest through harmonizing one’s internal dialogue and beliefs secures the joy that so many find elusive. Accepting all aspects of the self, and allowing those individual characteristics to layer and flow together in a beautiful composition.

About the Artists

Woman with glue stick smiling.

Sunya Whitelight

Sunya Whitelight is a Sacramento based visual artist. She has a passion for education, having taught art for many years alongside her own creative pursuits. Engagement through interaction and play is a strong thread seen in her public art installations for schools, museums and commercial spaces. She’s always seeking new ways to collaborate and communicate visually and to broad audiences of all ages, specifically through elements in nature and the juxtapositions of materials, such as steel and silk, wood and metal, light and shadow. She loves to play with possibilities, especially in the use of materials; creating unique textures, patterns, vibrant colors, and larger-than-life creations.

Instagram: @sunyawhitelight

Web: sunyawhitelight.com

Woman playing the cello.

Casey Lipka

Casey Lipka is an in demand bassist, vocalist and composer. She was a founding member of Cave Women, a band whose music defied categorization, toured with CAKE as their bassist, has composed music for the ballet dancers & museum installations, fronted an 18 piece Motown Orchestra performing Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell music, and has been a driving force behind too many other projects to list. Lipka is currently focusing on her own music, writing and recording it. Her aim is always to keep it creatively out of the box and to make it meaningful, sparking, she hopes, “a conversation of some sort.”

 Instagram: @caseylipka

Web: caseylipka.com

*Additional installation support provided by: Recombinant Inc., The Fingerpaint Company, Dwellpoint