The Future Is Sneakers

Keia Kodama's "Future is Sneakers" activation display.

The Future Is Sneakers

The Future Is Sneakers

Location: Lower Level; I'm A Star

On View: August 2 - September 30, 2023

“The Future Is Sneakers” by Keia Kodama is a mixed media installation where Kodama collaborates with seven fellow Sacramentan artists to explore the intersection of art and sneaker culture. The aim is to emphasize the value and creative potential found within both realms. Drawing from the global impact of sneaker culture, the artwork transcends its mainstream association, delving into a more imaginative and expressive direction.

The installation provides viewers with a fresh perspective on sneakers, showcasing them as beautiful canvases capable of diverse and innovative transformation. Kodama extends an invitation to explore the fusion of art and sneaker culture, prompting a re-evaluation of the inherent creative possibilities within each pair of sneakers. The installation celebrates the unity and creativity thriving within Sacramento’s underdog spirit, fostering an appreciation for the unorthodox canvas that sneakers provide.

The choice to exhibit this particular artwork at Arden Fair holds personal significance for Kodama. Arden Fair represents not only Kodama’s initial foray into sneaker shopping but also a central hub throughout her creative and sneaker journeys.

Kodama’s art has garnered recognition in prestigious institutions such as the Crocker Art Museum, Ice Pac: Coordinates, and DOCO, solidifying their place within Sacramento’s vibrant creative landscape.

About the Artist

Photo of artist, Keia Kodama

Keia Kodama

Keia cherishes her role as a loving mother. She lives by her own rules with a spirit of curiosity and an open mind. Keia navigates life as a complex tapestry of endless possibilities, which has allowed her to explore diverse paths and versions of herself within this creative space. Keia’s artwork is deeply committed to creating an Immersive visual experience that goes beyond traditional two-dimensional canvases and explores the intersection of street culture, style, and design. In her practice, she frequently reimagines ideas that incorporate unique and innovative works of art within sneaker culture. Keia’s work is also dedicated around a strong focus on storytelling for Black People of Color.

Instagram: @keiakodama