Mural with hummingbirds and the text, "Flourish."



Location: Lower floor between Boba Loca and White House Black Market

Flourish is a celebration of nature and its hard working pollinators, as well as a reflection of harmony in duality and collaboration. A variety of creatures (both of night and day) work in tandem to nurture our ecosystem and allow us to flourish.

The process of two artists with distinct individual styles, working together to beautify a local environment, is also an example of this duality. Collaboration is imperative to discovery and, most of all, growth.

Video highlight of Franceska Gamez and Emilee Rudd working on their mural, "Flourish."

About the Artists

Artist, Emilee Rudd

Emilee Rudd

Emilee Rudd is a Sacramento-based visual designer and artist who strives to create visual stories and impactful, intricate moments with design. From brand identity and logos to lettering artwork, illustrative packaging to impactful murals, and everything in between, she loves nothing more than to work with a client to achieve a bespoke visual solution. She’s had the absolute pleasure of working with a wide range of clients, from established international corporate brands to local hometown Mom and Pop’s, and just about everything in between. With a grateful heart and open mind, she looks forward to whatever creative challenge comes her way next.

Instagram: @emileerudd

Web: emileerudd.com

Artist, Franceksa Gamez painting a mural with spray paint.

Franceska Games

Franceska Gamez is a visual artist, born in Manila and raised in the Bay Area. Both cultures nurtured her identity and practice as the artist she is today. You can find her creating large-scale public murals, fully immersive installations, and tiny palm-sized sculptures. Her work is characterized by an elegant blend of abstract and representational forms in which she tells stories, illuminating emotions that envelope them. Her practice in the arts has led to dynamic bouts in installation, carpentry, writing, curation, art conservation, and project management. Her mural work can be seen throughout California, the East Coast, as well as overseas in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Instagram: @ewfrank

Web: franceskagamez.com