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2018 Uncharted Artist

Flora + Unity

by Tyson Anthony Roberts and Jeremy Stanger

The floral mural has the duality of being both beautiful and interactive. Flora + Unity acts as a backdrop for photo opportunities with its colorful flowers and uplifting typography. Taking into account Arden Fair’s grand architecture with its glass skylights and crisp walls, Flora + Unity brings color into the Center without overpowering its modern aesthetic.


Tyson Anthony Roberts

Tyson is an artist and muralist based in Sacramento, CA. He has been painting for over a decade and finds fulfillment in enriching the lives of others with his artwork. His current studio works and murals are overflowing with vivid floral arrangements, botanical scenes and unique plants. The works are composed by layering color, line and bold saturated marks that coalesce into a crescendo of harmonies dedicated to the healing power of plants.


Instagram: @tysanthrobe



Jeremy Stanger

Lifelong painter Jeremy Stanger lives and works as a professional artist in Sacramento California. With a tradesmen’s approach, Stanger considers making art a craft, which he executes using self-taught techniques he has been compiling for over 2 decades. From his foundation as a graffiti artist to working as a full-time decorative artist in NYC for eight years, Stanger is experienced in creative energy and endurance. By focusing on geometric designs, letters, and the flow of natural materials, he creates meticulously planned custom wall-finishes, pieces, and murals.

Jeremy’s work is prevalent throughout the Sacramento region – he has been commissioned for numerous projects, including a mural for the Sacramento Mural Festival, and work for the Honey Agency, the California Democratic Party Headquarters, the Freeport Water Tower, and the Sacramento Kings.


Instagram: @stangerprojects