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Current Experience: Mural

Flora + Unity

Artists: Tyson Anthony Roberts and Jeremy Stanger

Location:  Near Macy’s entrance – 1st Floor

UnchARTed was created with the intention of uniting the Sacramento community through art. Flora + Unity 2.0 does just that with its bold uplifting typography and vibrant floral patterns.

Current Experience: Mural

Essence of Life

Artist: Travis Cuellar

Location:  Near Morphe Cosmetics

Fly away to another world, another dimension, where time is limitless and curiosity is endless. A place where the peace you need can be found. A place where you can pause, reflect, and recharge. Essence of Life, created by Travis Cuellar, brings both happiness and serenity to life’s everyday chaos. Immerse yourself in your own imagination with our final mural installation of the 2018 unchARTed public arts programming, a movement to make art accessible for all.